Other General Information from Japan Informations


1. YAHOO! JAPAN (search engine, Japanese version)

2. Nikkei Business Publications(business news)

3. Mainichi Sinbun WWW Finder (daily news)

4. Stanford University (virtual library site for Japan)

5. International Research Center for Japanese Studies  (comprehensive studies on Japan)

6. Japan Information Network (up-to-date information on Japan)

7. NTT Japan Window (search engine for Japanese culture, arts, entertainments, etc.)

8. The World Factbook 2000  (overview of Japan)

9. WebGuideJapan.com (Japan internet directory, search engine)

10. goo

11. Hole-in-One

12. Infoseek Japan

13. JOY - Japanese Open Yellowpages


15. eXcite

16. google

17. HotBot

18. go.com

19. Lycos


21. WebDirectory!

22. Yahoo!



1. Map (Japanese only) (maps, events, travel information, etc.)

2. Map of Japan (information on 43 prefectures)



1. Cyber Weather World  (Japanese only) (weather reports)



1. Railway Technical Research Institute  (publication, research & development projects)

2. Modern Transportation Museum  (museum guide, events)

3. Narita Airport Authority  (Japanese only) (flight information)

4. Automotive Yellowpages  (Japanese automobile sites)

5. Japan Railways Group  (schedule, fare & general information of train system)




1. YAHOO! JAPAN  (search engine, Japanese version)

2. House of Representatives  (functions of Diet, list of members, etc.)

3. House of Councilors  (introduction of officers of House of Councilors, legislative procedures, etc.)



1. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2. Ministry of Finance

3. Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare

4. Minister of Land, Infrastructure & Transportation

5. Ministry of Environment

6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

7. Ministry of Justice

8. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries of Japan

9. Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts & Telecommunications


Legal Information



1. Constitution of Japan (Japanese text)

2. Constitution of Japan 1997 (opinions about Constitution on the occasion of its 50th anniversary)


Court House

1. Supreme Court of Japan (overview of judicial system, court procedure)


Consortium & Association

1. Association Japan Computer Communications (Japanese only) 

2. The Telecommunications Associations (Japanese only) 

3. Association of Radio Industries and Business




1. Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs (function of the organization, activities, publications and research)

2. Japan Federation of Economic Organization  (profile of the organization, policy statement)

3. Nomura Research Institute (profile of institution,  news releases on economic issues)

4. Japan Center for Economic Research  (seminars, research activities, training programs, etc.)

5. Hitotsubashi University (seminars, research activities, etc.)

6. The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (information about the members for investors)

7. Japan. Inc. (Business, Technology, People) (news on business world)


Stock Market

1. Tokyo Stock Exchange (market information, chart of stock price index)


Think Tank

1. Mitsubishi Research Institute (market strategy research, science & technology research) 

2. SanwaRI (forecast for Japanese economy, monthly report of "Global Watch", etc.)

3. NRI (profile of institution, news releases on economic issues, research actiivities)

4. Setouchi Research Institute (Japanese only) (publications, latest news, seminars on Japan general)

5. Japan Forum on International Relations (private, nonprofit independent foreign policy think tank)



1. Osaka Institute of Technology Library

2. Japan Science and Technology Corporation

3. Tokyo Institute of Technology Library

4. Japan Bank for International Cooperation

5. Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

6. Japan Machinery Federation

7. Science and Technology Materials Room, National Diet Library



1. Forest Agency Library


Environmental Studies

1. Hokkaido Institute Environmental Sciences

2. The United Nations University Library

3. Nishihara Environmental Sanitation Research Corporation




1. National Museum of Japanese History

2. Research  and Information Center of Tokyo National Museum

3. Welcome to Edo Period (virtual tour of Edo period)



1. National Language Research Institute


Japanese Language Information

1. Association for Japanese-Language Teaching


Japanese Language Studies

1. Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute


Online Dictionary

1. Sanseido Web Dictionary

2. Dictionary Nova

3. Online Scientific Terms

4. Exceed

5. Japanese On Line Dictionary



1. National Institute of Japanese Literature  

2. Kanzaki

3. Kakimori Bunko


Art /Crafts

1. Bridgestone Museum of Art

2. Yasuda Kasai Museum of Art

3. Kyoto National Museum

4. Japan Association for Cultural Exchange Art Catalog Library

5. Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts


Traditional Performing Arts

1. Gagaku

2. Noh-Kyogen

3. Japanese Tea Ceremony



1. YAHOO! JAPANArt and Humanities

2. Tokyo National Museum

3. Kyoto National Museum

4. Nara National Museum

5. Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

6. National Museum of Western Art

7. Tokyo National Research Institute of Cultural Properties

8. Museum Information Japan



1. Okinawa Prefectural University of  Arts

2. Aichi Arts Center

3. Japan Choral Music Center & Library

4. Gagaku


Architecture & Gardens

1. Architectural Institute of Japan

2. National Bunraku Theater

3. Japan Architectual Education and Information Center



General Media Information


2. NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute Library



1. Asahi

2. Yomiuri

3. Nikkei

4. Kyodo

5. Jiji

6. The Japan Times



1. NHK

2. NTV

3. TBS

4. Fuji-TV

5. TV-Asahi

6. TV-Tokyo



1. Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University Library



1. Nobunkyo Agricultural Library

2. The Library of Food

3. Hakushika Memorial Museum of  Sake

4. Information Center of Japanese Sake

5. Tokyo Kasei Gakuin University Library


Royal Family

1. Imperial Household Agency (schedule of the royal family,  their personal history)



1. Atsutajingu

2. Otani University Library

3. Tsuruoka Hachimangu

4. Notre Dame Seishin University Library

5. Japan Bible Society Library

6. Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture



1. The Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

2. Institute of Health Science, Kyushu University

3. Bicycling Popularization Association of Japan



Japanese Educational Information

1. Aichi Prefecture Education Center

2. Kanagawa Prefecture Education Center

3. National Institute of Special Education

4. Asia Pacific Cultural Center for UNESCO ACCU Library

5. Japan Braille Library Information Research and Service

6. National Museum of Ethnology



1. JapaneseUniversity

2. YAHOO! JAPAN University



1. Knowledge Station


Academic Society

1. NII

2. Resources of Scholarly Societies (sponsored by University of Waterloo Library)



1. UniversityLibrary

2. Libraries

3. NationalDietLibrary

4. Kanagawa Women's Center Library

5. Nagoya City Women's Information Library

6. Jump to Library! (In Japan)

7. The Library of the University of Electro-Communications (Japanese)



1. DatabasePromotionCenter

2. Webmaster's Tools (Japan internet directory, information and search engine)


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