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Ever since the port of Yokohama opened in 1859, Yokohama has been considered a major center of activity for the foreign community in Japan. The area offers exceptional values that cannot be matched in any other part of this country. For starters there is the Y.C.A.C., the largest foreigners athletic club in Japan, a wide array of parks and museums, 4 highly accredited international schools, and furthermore access to Tokyo by train can be made in three quarters of an hour. As the leading foreign specialist realtor in Yokohama, we invite you to come and see our quality rental homes designed especially to give our clients the real comforts of home and to be a part of the exciting adventure Yokohama provides.


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有限会社 ジー・ブラザーズ


Ground Duo Honmoku 1F,1-1 Honmoku-Wada Naka-ku Yokohama, 231-0827 Japan
横浜市中区本牧和田1-1 グランデュオ本牧 1F

Date of establishment: March, 1978
Paid-in capital: 10,000,000 yen
Business licenses: Kanagawa Real Estate Business License (11) 9825
Main bank: Bank of Yokohama , Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank 、Yokohama Shinyo Kinko
Business areas:

A comprehensive real estate agency geared towards assistance to the expatriate community here in Yokohama.We offer a wide variety of services including the following.

・Real-estate transactions, sales, rentals , mediation, and management
・Market research and consulting
・Building planning and consulting

Affiliated Company: Zee Brothers Homes K.K.
Zee Corporation


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